MUCA goes Japan: "Icons of Urban Art" exhibition in Kyoto

From 20 October 2023, the MUCA exhibition is "Icons of Urban Art at Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art to see!

The exhibition in Kyoto is part of the Tour "MUCA goes Japanwhich will take place in summer 2023 in Kyushu (Oita) began

Banksy, Kaws and Barry McGee represented in Japan exhibition

Herewith, for the first time internationally, the MUCA presents over 80 iconic masterpieces from its collection of urban and contemporary art. Ihe focus of "Icons of Urban Art" is on ten internationally renowned artists, including Banksy, Kaws and Barry McGee, with a selection of works, some of which are being seen in Japan for the first time.

This exhibition of artworks from the MUCA collection represents a culmination of more than 25 years of collecting and institutional support for the bold and innovative works of pioneering urban artists - aptly named "icons".

Fumio Nanjo , curator and art historian from Tokyo:

"Importantly, the art collected by MUCA, which focuses on urban culture (art created against the backdrop of urban environments, including streets), is internationally recognised and now forms an international community. Although the forms of expression vary regionally, they are linked by a network of sympathetic young people. These expressions have spread internationally and are widely understood and supported. Urban culture represents the "zeitgeist", the youth of today."

The "Icons of Urban Art" exhibition can be admired in Kyoto until 08 January 2024, after which it will move to Tokyo to the Mori Arts Center Gallery.