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Art for children in Munich - our varied programme

Why art with children in workshops Munich?

Albert Einstein already said: "Creativity is intelligence that is fun".

Children are super creative by nature. Their view of the world is not yet so limited and they perceive many things that adults no longer see. When children participate in courses like the Workshops of the KUNSTLABOR 2 make art themselves, they can give free rein to their imagination. Painting, crafting, drawing and spraying encourages their visual thinking and the ability to find alternative solutions and to look at situations from different angles.

Through artistic creation, pent-up emotions can be processed, it brings peace to the mind. It is not for nothing that art is used as a form of therapy. Art also promotes self-esteem and self-confidence. In joint creative courses and workshops, the children and young people get to know other children. This is how new friendships can develop.

How does art work with children?

  • Art stimulates different Brain areas that promotes the development
  • Perception is trained and the Imagination stimulated
  • Motor skills and representation of shapes and details are trained
  • Promotes New and alternative ways of seeing and thinking
  • Kids learn to express what they like and what they don't like and also to explain it
  • Hidden and repressed feelings can be expressed
  • Strengthening independent action and self-confidence
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What art programme with children does KUNSTLABOR 2 in Munich offer?

The ART LABORATORY 2 at Dachauerstraße 90 offers a varied programme for children between 8 and 16 years of age with lots of creativity and, above all, a large portion of fun.

In KUNSTLABOR 2, little artists learn to create their own works of art using a wide variety of techniques. And all this in one of the most unusual and colourful places in Munich!


Our offer

Open participatory workshops

Our children's art programme at KUNSTLABOR 2 in Munich includes courses on the following topics:

  • Graffiti workshops/beginners and advanced (from 10 years): In this workshop you will learn how to spray, tag and cut. The experienced workshop leaders will support you step by step as you pick up the cans (for the first time) and start spraying in our courtyard.
  • Character Design & Graffiti on canvas (from 12 years) In this cool workshop you will start with exciting information about the history and basics of graffiti and character design as well as the basics of colour theory. Equipped with your new knowledge, you will design your canvas background with spray cans.
  • Stencil workshops (from 8 years): Stencil is the English word for "template". Stencil also refers to street and graffiti art that is not created freehand but with the help of stencils. In our workshop in KUNSTLABOR 2, you will learn how to make a stencil with a cutter and paper and how to create your own cool stencil using the spray technique.

Individual guided tours of KUNSTLABOR 2 for children and young people:

Whether kindergarten, after-school care, school class or children's birthday party - whoever comes to us gets to discover rooms, move around and have fun. Of course, the coolest things are our participatory art installations, such as the video-gaming room or mini-golf room. All guided tours are specifically adapted to the age groups and knowledge is imparted in an exciting way.

Exclusive Graffiti Kids Birthday Events

e.g. workshop "T-Shirt Design with Graffiti & Styrene Printing": Learn with your friends from experienced graffiti artists from the scene how you can turn your own T-shirt or bag into a masterpiece using graffiti techniques and styrene printing.

All workshops and courses take place in the premises of KUNSTLABOR 2 at Dachauer Straße 90 in Munich.

MUCA Munich: An art museum for children and young people?

Visiting an art museum like the MUCA with children and young people, is that a good idea? Yes, absolutely! We are always very happy to welcome young visitors.

Why is the MUCA so suitable for visits with the whole family?

  • In the MUCA exhibitions we show pictures, sculptures, photos, objects and much more by contemporary artists of street and urban art as well as classics of pop art, e.g. by Andy Warhol. Some of the motifs are familiar to kids and young people because of their topicality and presence in urban space already from (social) media.e.g. artworks by Banksy. So they often already have a reference to this kind of art.
  • our museum homepage offers you a good overview of the Artists from current exhibitions and our MUCA Collection. Before you visit us with your children, you can already have a look at the have a rummagewhat there is to see with us.
  • we have a Free flyer in plain language which informs visitors in simple terms about the background of the museum and the current exhibition.
  • There is no fixed route through the exhibitions at the MUCA. So, depending on the children's interest, they can choose their Find your own way through the museum
  • You are welcome to Bring along painting/drawing utensils and your newly inspired kids can colour in our artwork or create their own. Forgotten your pen and paper? Just ask at the museum entrance.

You prefer to have someone from the trade with you to guide you through the exhibition? We regularly offer Guided tours for families with children from 6 years an.

We design your visit to the museum to be intergenerational and interactive, so that young and old alike can enjoy the exhibition tour.

Of course we also offer Guided tours for kindergartens, school classes and other institutions for children an.

All guided tours are specifically adapted to the age groups by our museum education team and knowledge about street art is conveyed in an exciting way.