Past exhibitions:

Richard Hambleton

The forgotten shadow man
Open until 04.09.22
Richard Hambleton - The Godfather of Street Art Richard Hambleton (*23.06.1952 - †29.10.2017) is reverently called "The Godfather of Street Art". He is regarded as a pioneer of street...
Are you using that Chair von Banksy Ikonnen of Urban Art MUCA München

Icons of Urban Art

Open until 18.09.22
Street art is omnipresent. It is impossible to ignore it, but it is not always welcome. It comes at us pointedly, unexpectedly and...

SWOON - Time Capsule

09.10.2019 - 04.10.2020
In 2019/2020, the US artist Swoon showed works and installations as a retrospective of her creative process under the project name "Time Capsule". For two decades, Swoon has not only counted...


18 April - 29 September 2019
After the great success of the last few years, the MUCA is once again presenting its annual "Collector's Show" with famous works from its own collection. The exhibition...

SURFACE - Søren Solkær

November 2018 - April 2019
After more than 20 years of portraying world-famous faces in the music and film industries, Søren Solkær launched a portrait project on the pioneering icons of art in the...

Tim Bengel - Urban Inspiration

November 2018
Gold, sand and glue - with these materials, the German artist made his breakthrough on the global art market. At the age of 25, he opened in...

IMAGO - a history of portraits

July until November 2018
Internationally renowned artists from the urban art scene were invited to choose a significant reference portrait from historical times or from a historical-artistic movement to be...

SUPER + / Flight of the Phoenix

July 2018
Since 2015, the artist group super+ has been performing the "Flight of the Phoenix" at various locations such as the English Garden, the Kunstarealfest, in the Pinakothek der Moderne...

The BUNTE Art.

About the art of telling stories.
June 2018
According to the guiding idea MEDIA IS ART, the exhibition shows intersections of BUNTE and art. The illustrated reality is juxtaposed with an abstract staging - multimedia...

WAHN|SINN - Herakut Show

March 2018 until June 2018
HERAKUT is a 2004 collaboration between two German graffiti artists, Hera and Akut: for many years they have been internationally celebrated top stars of the urban...

Jimmy Nelson Photo Exhibition

November 2017 until March 2018
The British photographer Jimmy Nelson, known worldwide for his photos of indigenous peoples, is showing until 04.03.2018 in the exhibition specially put together for the MUCA...

The Art of Writing

July until November 2017
Words have a long tradition in street art and stand for their own visual language. Many artists of the street deal with the art of...