Artists (excerpt)

pinke Space Invader Moon Figur in der MUCA Ausstellung in München

Invader at the MUCA Collection Munich

The French street artist, born in 1969, refers to the installation of his iconic visual works as "invasions" staged on streets around the world....

JR at the MUCA Collection Munich

Born in 1983 in the outskirts of Paris, JR became interested in street culture at an early age. At the age of 14 he was already spraying graffiti as "Face 3"....
Schwarz-weiss-Bild "Forest" von Pejac in der 25 Ausstellung im MUCA München

Pejac at the MUCA Collection Munich

Silvestre Santiago aka Pejac is a Spanish painter. His works are often subtle and consist of miniature figures or the transformation of existing parts of buildings....