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New birthday workshop for kids at KUNSTLABOR 2: T-shirt design with graffiti & styrene printing

Together with your friends, you will design a cool T-shirt under the guidance of experienced graffiti artists.
Street Art is Female dt by Alessandra Mattanza

Book launch "Street Art is Female" on 16 December 2022

Journalist Alessandra Mattanza presents her new illustrated book at Kunstlabor 2.
Familien-Führung MUCA

Family tour on 03 December 2022

A guided tour of the MUCA anniversary exhibition for young and old!
Brandenburg Gate von JR MUCA JR Chronicles

Curator's Double Tour on 17 November 2022

The current exhibitions of the MUCA and the Kunsthalle in a double pack!
Podiumsdiskussion_8.November_Kunsthalle Street Art zwischen und Kunst und (Il-)Legalität

Panel discussion on 8 November 2022

On the topic of "Street Art between Art and (Il-)Legality".
Infinite Game von Max Zorn in der MUCA Ausstellung City Lights im Bunker

Vernissage & Live Taping on 21/22 October 2022

City Lights - Tape Art by Max Zorn | The artist will be present. Please register in advance by email to