MUCA Wall: Largest "Spot Painting" by Hirst

As part of the current Hirst solo show at the MUCA Museum in Munich, together with the Damien Hirst team, we also presented our MUCA Giant Wall designed.

With 1,000 sqm and 540 different colour circles you can admire Damien Hirst's largest ever "spot painting" here.

Hirst created his first Spot Painting back in 1986 while studying at Goldsmiths College in London. The series now comprises over 1,500 works. He defined the key elements for the ongoing series as follows: hand-painted circles arranged in a grid-like composition on a light-coloured background. 

During the development of the series, Hirst introduced several important production parameters. It was ensured that the circles are painted on the canvas with household gloss paint, that the width of the circle and the space between the circles are the same size and that not a single colour is repeated on a canvas. 

The spot painting on the outside of the MUCA has become an absolute eye-catcher in the centre of Munich and can even be seen wonderfully from the Munich Frauentürmen. If you don't want to go that far up, just drop by and marvel at the large mural on the museum's outdoor area.


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