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++ Extended until december 2021 ++

Icons of Urban Art

The exhibition Icons of Urban Art presents a variety of original artworks by the most legendary names in the urban art scene, in an impressive new spatial staging. As one of the largest Banksy collections in Europe, key original pieces from past official Banksy exhibitions are on display.

Among them is the monumental oil painting “Are You Using That Chair?”, a subversion of Edward Hopper’s famous painting, “Nighthawks.” This large-scale work was previously on view only once, in Banksy’s Crude Oils exhibition in London in 2005.

Richard Hambleton
The forgotten shadow man

Hambleton is considered one of the very first street artists on the American continent.  His most famous artworks popped up in the backyards and dark alleys of New York in the 80s. There, he brushed distorted shadows of human bodies in black paint, intending to frighten passers-by. A name was quickly found for his interventions: the “Shadowman” was born.

His works were rediscovered about ten years ago and he was able to revive his old successes. Richard Hambleton died at the height of his renaissance at the age of 65. This exhibition is dedicated to his rediscovery and his famous Shadowmen motifs.

MUCA Bunker

The history of the bunker goes back to 1941. The former air-raid shelter from World War 2 became a bunker hotel, later a scene nightclub, and is now transformed into the MUCA (art) bunker.

The MUCA has restaged this characteristic building and brought it back to life with modern installations and elaborate murals. In addition, the bunker is to become a kind of historical overview of the history of the development of street art, in which the path of this urban and modern art form can be explored.


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About MUCA

MUCA Munich

We believe that art has the potential to change perceptions on the world. It is our goal to create spaces for young and ephemeral art forms, where street and urban art are in dialogue with other contemporary genres, cross-fertilising to lead to new insights.

As a meeting place for urban and contemporary art, MUCA impresses with a top-class exhibition programme. The works of internationally acclaimed artists are on display on multiple levels. We also offer a platform for experimental formats and compelling novel positions.

MUCA not only sees itself housing a young movement and establishing Urban Art in the contemporary discourse. We also place a special focus on art education. Our exhibitions are accompanied by an extensive programme of artist and expert talks, readings and guided tours.

Museum programme in the middle of Munich

In the heart of Munich’s beautiful old town, just a stone’s throw from Marienplatz, Germany’s first Museum of Urban Art is located in a former municipal substation, totalling about 2,000 square metres.

Our façade, an art object in its own right, was designed by renowned graffiti artist Stohead. Visitors enter our building through a calligraphically styled shell that links the exterior with the interior. This important connecting element conveys to the visitor upon arrival that this art form requires public space for discussion; our space is a protective and experimental zone.

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Wednesdays till Sundays 10am-6pm; Thursdays till 8pm

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