Art meets culinary: B(L)OOM Art Dinner as of March 2023

Within the framework of this year's Flower Power Festivals offer the MURAL and MUCA a shared experience for all the senses. 

The MUCA-based restaurant "MURAL" with chef Joshua Leise (1 star Guide Michelin) is known for its culinary taste experiences made from sustainably produced ingredients from regional producers. The focus of every dish is on natural taste. 

Under this credo, it will zOnce a month between March and June 2023, the "B(L)OOM Art Dinner" where nature and florals are the focus both on the plate and in the guided tour through the MUCA. Both art forms combined in one overall concept promise a "B(L)OOMy" evening for all guests. 

When: Once a month from March to June 2023; the first Art Dinner will take place on 08.03.2023 at 7 p.m.

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More info: in the Flower Power Magazine