After a year-long renovation of the former municipal substation, in 2016 MUCA opened its doors – Germany’s first museum for urban and contemporary art.

A private museum founded by husband and wife art enthusiasts, Stephanie and Christian Utz, MUCA sets as its highest maxim the aim to house this young, aspiring movement and to consolidate urban art within the contemporary art discourse. Our exhibitions centre on our in-house collection, which has grown into one of the largest in Europe of this genre.

MUCA considers itself a community space for urban and contemporary art that captivates through high-caliber programming. Across three levels, along with our MUCA Bunker next door, original artworks by renowned, internationally acclaimed artists are on display in changing special exhibitions, as well as in our permanent collection.


We believe that art has the potential to change perceptions on the world. It is our goal to create spaces for young and ephemeral art forms, where street and urban art are in dialogue with other contemporary genres, cross-fertilising to lead to new insights.

As the most contemporary art form of our century, street art is a rightly celebrated global phenomenon, but has yet to consolidate its place in the art discourse. MUCA aims to establish street and urban art within art history, building bridges between international expert audiences, artists and the public.

MUCA’s conception was based on the desire to bring art and people into a space that continually asks itself what a visionary museum ought to be. The centrepiece of the museum is the community we invite to contribute to this process of institutionalisation.