We believe that art has the potential to change perceptions on the world. Our goal is to provide a space for this young and transient form of art; a space in which street and urban art engage in dialogue with other genres of contemporary art, establishing an atmosphere of synergy, inspiration and creative openess.

As the place to be for urban and contemporary art lovers, MUCA offers a high-profile exhibition program. Artworks by renowned, internationally celebrated artists can be found on multiple experience levels throughout the museum. In addition, MUCA provides a platform for experimental formats and outstanding in- and outdoor art projects.

The museum not only seeks to include urban art in the contemporary art discourse and to exhibit a young form of art: a special focus is set on education. Exhibitions are accompanied by an extensive program of lectures, high-profile speakers, and guided tours.


As a movement of the 21st century, street art is rightly considered a global, celebrated phenomenon, yet nevertheless has not established itself in the art discourse. The newly built Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA) seeks to make an impact by consolidating street art within art history, building a bridge between the international scene, artists and the public.

MUCA aims to bring art and its people together in a space of self-reflection, centring on the question of what a visionary museum ought to be. The heart of the museum is the community, which we invite to become part of creative procesess and look behind the scenes of our exhibitions.

+++UPDATE / 13.03.2020 +++

Liebe Besucher/innen,

Das Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA) ist vom 14. März 2020 bis 19. April 2020 geschlossen.

Das MUCA leistet damit, wie alle weiteren Kultureinrichtungen, seinen Beitrag zur Eindämmung des Corona-Virus.

Bereits erworbene Tickets behalten 12 Monate (ab Kaufdatum) ihre Gültigkeit und können zu einem späteren Termin eingelöst werden.

Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Fragen per E-Mail ( an unser Team.

+++UPDATE / 13 March 2020 +++

Dear visitors,

Based on recommendations by authorities and experts, MUCA has decided to close the museum until April 19, 2020 to actively contribute to inhibiting the dynamic spread of the Corona virus.

Pre-booked tickets will remain valid for 12 months and can be redeemed at a later point of time.

If you have any questions please contact our team via email to