MUCA Foundation


MUCA is a unique cultural institution for urban and contemporary art and impresses with its top-class exhibition program. Not only the works of well-respected, internationally celebrated artists can be seen on several “art experience levels” at MUCA, experimental formats within the framework of “satellite projects” (e.g. Kunstlabor) are also promoted and given a platform.

MUCA is not just about inserting urban art into a contemporary art discourse and museuming a young art form. MUCA pays particular attention to art education in various forms. The exhibitions are accompanied by an extensive program with artist and expert discussions, readings, tours and workshops (especially for juvenile and children).

MUCA strengthens Germany as a creative location and creates alliances with cultural institutions, artists, the private sector and urban partners. In Munichs city marketing, MUCA is an important “figurehead”.

In 2019, the MUCA Museum and its projects counted over 100,000 visitors.

The MUCA has so far only been fiananced by the founder couple Stephanie and Christian Utz. Project related, MUCA has also been supported by sponsors. With founding the MUCA Foundation as a non-profit foundation, a high-class board was convened and the fundraising professionally expanded.


The main goal of the MUCA Foundation is primarily to expand and ensure a high-quality exhibition program with inspiring and fresh projects that addition the state-funded art scene in Munich.

In addition, the foundations utmost concerns are:

  • inscribe street and urban art into art history
  • sponsorship and support of art projects
  • establishment of a cross-genre cultural network


The purpose of the foundation is the direct funding of art and cultural activities of the MUCA Museum. This activity is solely charitable. The MUCA Foundation acts as the “carrier” of the museum and collection work, including the exhibition program and accompanying program such as artist talks, guided tours, readings and artistic event formats.


Allocation of funds

With donations to the MUCA foundation large art projects are funded. Also the planning horizon in order to further increase the quality of the exhibitions and maintain requirements related to museum operations are assured.

Planned use of donations:

  • optimization of digital features and programs
  • conservation and restauration of art works
  • support several artists’ projects (in-/outdoor)
  • enhancement of the permanent “MUCA Collection”
  • MUCA takes (with a high investment volume ) over the former “Gesundheitshaus” at Dachauer Strasse 90, one of the largest temporary uses in Munich.

Bank details MUCA foundation

Stadtsparkasse Munich
Account holder: MUCA FOUNDATION
IBAN: DE39 7015 0000 1005 4571 38

Benefits for patrons

  • art in the context with “own person / brand”
  • preserve cultural values through endowment
  • incentivizing employees (employer branding)
  • donations from inheritance are tax deductible
  • no administrative work

MUCA says thank you*

  • free annual membership
  • invitation to VIP previews
  • participation in guided tours
  • option to conduct company events at special conditions
  • participation in lectures, artist talks, live paintings
  • reduced purchase of artist editions
  • free exhibition catalogs
  • discounts on webshop sales
  • network of over 10,000 art and culture lovers

*graded by the donation-total