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Who is Invader?

The French street artist, born in 1969, describes himself as an “Unidentified Free Artist”. He appears in public under the pseudonym Invader. He completed his education at a leading art school in Paris. He was inspired by the video games of the 1970s and 80s. Also known as Space Invader, the Parisian artist began making his mosaic works in the 1990s. Invader started with his pixel-like murals in Paris in 1998. He then installed them in another 31 cities in France before they conquered major cities around the world.  

How works Invader?

To represent the pixels in the 8-bit graphics of the first video and computer games, the artist uses weatherproof square tiles for his mosaics. He attaches these with cement or special glue. Altogether Invader needs at least a week for an installation, including scouting out a spot, attaching it and mapping it. Invader also uses the Rubik’s cube for his works. He refers to his iconic pictorial works as “invasions” that are staged on streets around the world and seem to take over cities from Paris to New York via Hong Kong. Invader’s mosaic settings are often installed in culturally or historically important locations. One of the most famous examples is his artwork of 31 December 1999 on the letter D of the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles. On later trips to the American metropolis, he also placed other works on the eight other letters of the sign.  

Invaders Rubik art in the “Icons of Urban Art” exhibition in Munich

In our current MUCA exhibition in Munich there are, among other things, works made of Rubik cubes. For example, the portrait “Rubik Arrested Sid Vicious” from 2007 can be seen from this series. Come and see Invader live with us – you can buy a ticket directly here.

Invaders Pixel Invasion of the World

Nevertheless, Paris remains one of the artist’s most important and personal locations, where his Invader can be found on many corners and walls in the city’s alleyways. In June 2011, Invader made his 1000th work in the French capital and honoured it with an exhibition at La Générale entitled 1000. Invader has now created colorful mosaics in over 79 cities, with his nearly 4,000 Space Invaders consisting of a total of over 1.5 million ceramic tiles. His installations have become sought-after collector’s items. Invader also creates special pixel works using only black and white tiles, which are generated into a QR code that can be decoded using a standardized scanner or smartphone. The decoded message then usually reads: “This is Invader”. In his short film Art4Space, which he made in 2012, the French artist documents the attempt to fly one of his “aliens” into space.  The artist also appeared in the street art documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” in 2010, which raised his public awareness even further.  

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