After 25 years of collecting, we are delighted to formally launch the MUCA Collection to the public. Commencing in September 2022 our collection will be on continuous display, as integral part of our exhibition program.

At the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA), we ever since aspired to be custodians of artworks born from the transient urban ecosystem. Meanwhile the MUCA collection is one of Europe’s biggest urban art collections.

Our dedicated exhibition areas allow us to explore the significance of the Urban Environment and how this motif links our collection with historic genres of contemporary art. Whether that is the utilization of the urban landscape as a medium or examining the cultural and political impact that cities have had on the artists – our Permanent Collection offers the opportunity to consider these connections in greater detail than previously possible.

Encouraging a visual dialogue between periods of the recent past, visitors will be given an insight into how our core collection from the 2000’s onwards intersects with the wider narrative of contemporary art. Highlighting themes and movements ranging from Pop Art, Art in Public Space, Socio-political Art, through to Contemporary figurative painting.